Jay Van Buren, Founder and CEO, Early-Adopter.com LLC

Jay Van Buren has been Senior Web Designer for the Forbes Favorite award- winning Multex Investor website; Designer at thirdmind.com, where he worked on websites for major international brands such as Conde-Nast magazines; and Art Director at Sensei Health, coordinating programs for major multi-national companies. Jay also lectures nationally and internationally on web art and the future of the internet.


Joe Unander, Partner, Chief Technology Officer.

Joe joined Early-Adopter in the Spring of 2010 and has quickly become the heart of the operation. His superior problem-solving skills, technical inventiveness, and dedication to the highest standards of quality make him an ideal developer for the age of open source CMS websites. Joe’s breadth of experience allows him to develop with a constant eye on the big picture, enabling the entire team to create solutions that really work for our clients.